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Hello everyone!
Today I am going to show you how to work with Userion.
Firstly, we need to sign up (if you haven't done it yet).

Click on the Sign Up button and fill in the pop-up form by typing in your username, email (which will be used to log in) and password.

Good. Now you need to activate your account. Unfortunately, e-mails are often directed to the spam folder, so check it too.
Since I am already a user, I will just log in to my account.

Alright, we are in Userion. Once we add our first website for promotion, a start panel with services will appear.
Let's add a website.

In the form we type in the website's name (in our case - Upmitter); next we add the website's link ( and choose the category of the website to be promoted. The field "Country" is not mandatory and does not affect the website's promotion process. We are going to develop a new feature in the future, which will allow to adjust the promotion of the website based on the country of the owner.
Alright, we have added our first website! Userion allows us to work with different websites simultaneously in the same account. To add new websites for promotion purposes, click on the "Add New Site" button and follow the steps we have just discussed.

When working with several websites you can switch over between them using the drop-down list at the top. Switching over between websites does not affect the promotion process: all websites are promoted simultaneously.

Now let's take a look at the main promotion services available to us.
In the menu to the left we can see two sections:
1) Search engines
2) Smart traffic
When you will be using Userion, the number of services will probably be much greater than it is now. We will be posting videos with new services introduced in Userion.
Let's launch the search engine promotion on Google:
Go to Search Engines -> Google. This is a panel for promotion on Google.

For each type of promotion there are unique settings of the amount of page views per 1 visit and the duration of page views, called Dwell Time. The total Dwell Time is calculated as the product of the amount of page views and number of minutes per 1 view.
Let's set the number of page views from 2 to 3, and the time per 1 page view - to 2 minutes. The total Dwell Time per 1 visit will be from 4 to 6 minutes. The greater this indicator is, the greater is the probability that the website will take higher positions on Search Engine Result Page.

Now let's add some keywords, which will be used in the promotion. Since we promote a news and enternainment website, we need to come up with a related keyword, which in our case is "viral news".
Enter the keyword and click on the plus button - good, the keyword is added.

Type in the number in the Daily Runs field (here in the brackets a rough estimate of monthly runs will be displayed).
Also, we can manage the promotion of the keyword by launching and pausing it. Let's click on the "Play" button. Good, we have just launched the promotion process.

I must say beforehand that in the Search Volume field the rate of keywords will appear in about 10 to 15 minutes from the start of the promotion. The rates are based on AHREFS.
The POS. column will show the last position at which the website is ranked.

OK, the keyword is launched and is being promoted. We will see the first results of the promotion in less than half an hour, and you will be able to view them by clicking on the key word itself. Now it is empty, but we can view the results which we have already received by switching over to another account.

This panel contains statistics of the keyword promotion. We can see that the website's position on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) moves up.
This is it for this post.
In the next post we will discuss this statistics in more details.

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